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Sam Saint

Working from her home studio in South East London, Sam has spent the last few years creating black and white social scenes, mostly for private commissions. 

She reserves the use of colour for queer scenes and characters, for example in her recent charity print 'Unapologetic' to raise money for LGBT+ anti-abuse charity Galop. Order yours here.

Take a look at her gallery.

See what is available to buy.

Sam is also an experienced facilitator and is available to run creative workshops - find out more here!

Sam Saint in her studio
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"It's like people watching in a frame"

"Scenes with people and the souls, like they wanted to be in there"

"It's a mini drama in black and white where the viewer can imagine the dialogue"

"Discerningly witty without obvious entendre"

"Chic monochrome scenes with wild characters!"

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