Having done the typical thing of moving out of London and getting a new puppy during lockdown I wanted something to capture the madness of the situation. Sam was so attentive during the briefing, and took time to understand both the physical and emotional experience of upping-sticks and caring for a mad pupper. The piece that Sam created for us perfectly captures the character of the dog, myself and my partner - and most importantly the dynamic between the three of us. There is so much life and humour in Sam's art, and it's amazing that she can create a scene that feels so 'real' but is purely from her creative imagination. I am not a fan of hanging photos of myself on the wall, but Sam's black and white stylistic pieces are beautiful!

Amy, Kent, UK

Sam's art is breath-taking. Our piece is so beautiful, thoughtful and stunning. It's hung pride of place on our wall and it gets so many compliments.

Bilkis, London, UK

I still remember the face of joy when my husband and I asked Sam to recreate a scene from our wedding we had missed out on (a casual ‘orgy’ in a French chateau pool - don’t ask). She absolutely smashed it; she has the ability to take a memory or private moment and make you feel like you’re right there. Cannot recommend enough!

Lucy, London, UK

I've known Sam for years and watching her flourish as an artist has been an absolute delight. Her poker night scene has pride of place on our games shelf at home - would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a piece of art designed especially for them.

Jack, Croydon, UK

From the first enquiry I felt that I had Sam’s undivided attention. That the piece I was vaguely putting together over instamessage was the most important thing to her. My rough idea didn’t entirely fit Sam’s usual (at that point) depiction of a scene/room but I hoped she could take her exceptional style to what I’d thought up. She absolutely did so and more. A few reference images and I could not have been more pleased with the finished product. All in her own style Sam captured mine and my family’s journey over an 8-10 year period. The likeness, the sentiment, the feeling, the environment and the multiple cities all captured perfectly and always considered from the very first suggestion. 

It was such a pleasure and so exciting to see the finished piece that I’m tempted to keep throwing suggestions at her. Just to play a very minor part in her flawless creative process.

Scott, Portland, US

The brief I gave was not an easy one. I wanted her to capture a mood. A feeling. A memory. One that, in itself, was ephemeral. abstract and hard to pin down. Chatting through what I was after and her enthusiasm while we did it helped crystallise & give form to what I wanted (and made the process so much fun). She delivered. In spades. I'm not sure there is anything she cannot turn her hand to using her unique approach and aesthetic. I love what she did. Loved helping create it with her. I'll be back for more!

Africa, London, UK

My experience was amazing. She understood exactly what I wanted and asked all the right questions. She posted the piece to me promptly in really lovely packaging. It was a great experience from start to finish, and most importantly I’m absolutely delighted with the piece itself, which is now proudly displayed in my bedroom. I couldn’t recommend this lovely artist enough to anyone looking for a unique and personalised work of art.

Chloë, Hackney, London

After seeing Sam's artwork online, I instantly knew I wanted her to create a naked disco scene for me. I loved how creative she was with a very vague brief and it now sits pride of place on my desk!

Cat, Lambeth, UK

I absolutely love the commission Sam did for me! Every picture she draws is simply “art that makes you smile!” I can’t recommend her highly enough to create something as a personal gift for someone or just a lovely treat for yourself!

Sue, Bicester, UK

I adore my Sam Saint Art piece. It's exactly what I asked for with a little extra magic adding to the playful charm I wanted for it. Her uniquely identifiable style is destined for many more commissions I'm sure. Fantastic artwork and I highly recommend getting one of your own!

Sean, Croydon, UK

This little masterpiece has been one of the most fun and well received gifts I’ve ever given to someone. I love how Sam interpreted my brief to create a special and unique piece of art for my brother and his girlfriend. She was so great to work with and they loved their present. All in all a wonderful experience for everyone involved.

Sarah, London, UK

I asked Sam to draw my family on a beach that really means something to us and I couldn’t ask for a more unique and detailed picture. The style is sexy and quirky and I love it!! Can’t wait to see more of her work in the future xx

Alice, Wandsworth, UK

The drawing of my boyfriend’s “desert island meal' came out better than I ever could have imagined! It was such a pleasurable experience, from the talking through of ideas and seeing it come to fruition, to seeing the wow factor on his face when opening. The little details were executed perfectly! It will have pride of place in the kitchen!

Liv, Southwark, UK

Buying art from Sam is quite a cathartic process. I’d given her a broad theme to draw, but having a longer conversation around what the idea meant to me, and how it made me feel really got me thinking! And when it came to receiving it... we’ll I’ve never had a piece of art that resonated so well. Sam hit the nail on the head, and I just love seeing it every day. A dedicated and passionate artist, with skills deeper than just what she draws. She encapsulates feelings so well.

Sabine, London, UK

I love my drawing so much. I see something new every time I look at it. My brief was ‘nudity and food’ and Sam created it perfectly. Such a talent.

Jenny, Co-owner at The Lavender Room, Brighton, UK

I wanted a piece of art in my house that was a talking point. Something that had depth, so that the more you looked the more you discovered. It was everything I hoped for and more. Can't wait to have more people round to see it!

Sian, Hertfordshire, UK